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Different Types of Massage Therapy

Deep Tissue - Uses more slow and deliberate pressure on those "trouble spots" that are often the site of injury or spasm. Deep tissue massage reaches the deeper layers of muscles and tendons. This is great for relieving chronic pain and muscle injuries. It is important to communicate with the therapist your level of discomfort because it can often leave the patient feeling a little sore the following day.

Relaxation Massage – The goal of a relaxation massage to is relax you. This type of massage is gentle and less intense that some of the other styles. The therapist gently works the upper layers of the muscle tissue to increase relaxation. Relaxation massage is a total experience as it is preformed in a dim setting, with candles and sometimes with scented oils.

Swedish Massage - Swedish massage increases blood circulation to more than 4 times its normal rate. The massage releases the stagnant toxins stored in the muscle fibers. The result is fresh oxygenated blood flow into the muscles, that boosts energy levels.

Hot Stone Massage – Warm stone massage is a unique approach that uses warm river stones in strategic spots to relax the muscles and increase circulation. Combined with manual massage, this treatment is guaranteed to cure what ails you.

Youth Massage - Children of all ages can benefit from regular massage as a stress reducer. Stress has been linked to boosted immune system function. In addition, youth massage provides much-needed human touch that helps to promote healthy emotional development.

Pregnancy Massage - During this gentle massage, the expectant mother is carefully supported by cushions and pillows in order to provide superior comfort and to protect her and the baby from strain or injury. Pregnancy massage is not advised during the first trimester, but can provide welcome relief later on, especially during the last few months of pregnancy.

Reflexology - Reflexology is performed by applying pressure on specific points in the feet, hands and ears. These points provide benefit and relief to the condition it corresponds to. This technique is generally used in conjunction with other types of massage to give the most therapeutic effect.

Cupping - Cupping is used to release tight muscles, loosen adhesions and lift connective tissue, and bring hydration and blood flow to body tissues.

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